Kathy Jannino, Owner

After many years struggling to fit fitness into my life as a busy career women and mother, 14 years ago I decided to become a certified fitness instructor and teach part-time. Workaholic that I am, I thought…why not get certified to teach fitness so I will have to fit it in my life !

I was the full-bodied, energetic, FUN and “real person” instructor in front of the class. I packed them in, all ages, all sizes and built a loyal following. What those loyal clients didn’t realize is how much they were giving me in return. I loved teaching so I continued adding on to my certifications.

Strong, fit and at the top of my game, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After my mastectomy and reconstruction, I found I was left with limited range of motion and inability to perform most exercises involving my abdominals. Someone suggested rehabilitating using the Pilates Reformer. It changed my life and body while rehabilitating me. For the first time in my life, I fell in love with movement that resembled my childhood passion for dance. The additional benefits were unexpected but certainly welcomed….I felt younger, more flexible and oddly enough my blood pressure lowered dramatically. Then in my late forties, the hectic pace of my meeting/event planning career was becoming overwhelming so a career change was in order. I loved reformer pilates enough to make this change.

Certifications and Credentials

  • Balanced Body University
  • Pilates Mat, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Chair & Arc Barrel
  • STOTT Pilates - Intensive Reformer Training
  • TRX Group Training
  • Bar Sculpt ® and BOOTY BARRE ® Training
  • Apprenticed in studios offering both methods, STOTT and Balanced Body.
  • Aerobic and Fitness Association of America
  • Group Resistance Training
  • Primary Group Exercise
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Group Stability Ball
  • Group Circuit Training
  • Northeastern University, Business/Psychology

Today, I live in southern New Hampshire with my 19 year old son, Garrett who will be attending UNH in the Fall of 2014 for Mechanical Engineering. My 23 year old son, Dean, graduated Spring 2014 from UNH with a BA. My passion is travel and I get on a plane every chance I get!

Both our studios have tremendous retention and are user-friendly. We are grateful to have the opportunity to change people’s health and enrich their lives with our welcoming, embracing instruction and atmosphere.

Marybeth Tom, Certified Pilates Instructor

Something inside has continually whispered, "You've got to move. Move your body, move!" My body, like an idling engine waiting to be shifted into gear. And so, I've been moving for thirty years: running, bicycling, skiing, step aerobics and Pilates. As a pilates instructor I am able to combine my passion for movement, and my belief in the Pilates method with my love of teaching. I came to pilates with twenty years of chronic back pain and became addicted to the reformer when my pain disappeared after only a few short months. I find joy in teaching the pilates method and sharing my personal story of the healing benefits of pilates. I am committed to living a healthful lifestyle and wish to give encouragement and                                                                                             inspiration to our pilates clients.

Education: Bachelors Degree in Management, Bentley College Mat & Reformer Certified, Balanced Body University.

Christie Chartier, STOTT certified Pilates Instructor

In 2001, when her triplets were just one years old, Christie began teaching Pilates and aqua aerobics at a local fitness center. Since then, she has completed certifications in group fitness through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), group strength, barre, spinning and yoga as well as adding two more children to her family. Pilates has been a wonderful stress relief to managing a family of seven and has remained Christie’s true passion over the years.

Christie is also STOTT certified in Mat and Reformer as well as Injury and Special Populations. Her work as a group fitness instructor and Pilates trainer is a great foundation in training all types of fitness levels from athletes to clients with injuries or chronic conditions. Christie focuses on helping her clients gain knowledge of the Five Basic Principles to promote Pilates as a progressive and lifelong form of exercise. She loves how Pilates teaches body awareness and proper alignment as a way to bring strength and symmetry to everyday movements.

Joseph Pilates encouraged his students to spend time outside in the fresh air as a complement to their Pilates practice. Christie and her husband enjoy many outdoor activities with their 17-year old triplet boys, 14-year old daughter and 8-year old son.